CIREX selects new IT-system: SAP Business One for all facilities

Reliable provision of information is vitally important in order to organise and manage corporate processes well. That is why CIREX has invested in a new ERP system for the locations in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Customers and personnel place increasingly high demands on efficient, easily accessible information. A modern ERP system is required for this. After a thorough selection process, conducted by a team of Dutch and Czech CIREX employees, the decision was made to select Milner Browne with SAP Business One, combined with Milner Browne production apps.

The huge advantage of the new implementation is integral insight into the logistical process flow. In the past, CIREX locations all had their own systems; we now choose to have a single integrated system for all locations. With this, we expect to be able to increase the level of service to our customers even further.

The implementation will be finished in mid-2016. The transition may mean that small changes occur in our way of communicating with customers and suppliers. We will keep you informed of this as things progress.

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