Quality managementsystem

CIREX gives high priority to quality and works to improve its quality continuously (“Continuous Improvement”). This philosophy is fully implemented in the quality management system. Our locations in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic satisfy the quality requirements of our customers. The employees are aware of and familiar with the quality policy and the objectives set.

Quality Managementsystem ISO 9001

ISO 9001 (most recent version: 2015) is the international standard for quality management and it helps our organisation to improve and control our business processes. ISO 9001 is used to demonstrate that an organisation has mastered and continuously improves its processes.

Quality managementsystem IATF 16949

CIREX has met the certification standards for the automotive quality system IATF 16949. This quality standard, based on ISO 9001, is for suppliers to the automotive industry. This quality system describes the organisational quality requirements for delivering components to the automotive industry. CIREX is IATF 16949-certified for the production of castings. IATF 16949 and the use of the tools associated with this are embedded in the development process and operational processes. For those customers not requiring IATF 16949, CIREX is in possession of the ISO 9001 certificate.

Environmental managementsystem ISO 14001

At CIREX caring for the environment is just as important as the other organisational goals. Our focus on the environment is fully implemented in our operational processes. CIREX contains ISO 14001 certificate (most recent version: 2015).

Employees are aware of the importance of working in accordance with the requirements and desires of stakeholders and are informed of the relevant legal requirements and regulations. At CIREX, we focus on the reuse of raw materials within the process, limiting waste streams, energy management and reducing emissions.

OSH managementsystem

At CIREX the safety, health and welfare of our employees is just as important as the other organisational goals. Assuring proper working conditions is a joint responsibility of management, supervisors and employees. The OSH management system is integrated in the quality and environmental management systems.

Code of conduct
code of conduct cirex

CIREX places considerable emphasis on quality, safety and innovation. Within our company we are continuously trying to improve optimisation. In this rapidly changing world we can only continue to improve our performance in the appropriate manner if we remain loyal to our core values.

Our Code of Conduct contains our core values and the most important policy principles of CIREX. The Code of Conduct forms a guideline for directors, management, supervisors and employees for acting appropriately within the company. The rules, values, standards and guidelines for behaviour from the Code of Conduct should be complied with at all times so that we can continue to be a successful company and prevent incidents.